22/10/2011 - DC++
  17/8/2011 - STILL ALIVE
  9/2/2009 - 2009
  14/6/2008 - list of packs
  21/3/2008 - Radio
  10/3/2008 - Request fillers needed
  31/12/2007 - Happy new year
  26/7/2007 - Forum Operator Wanted
  26/7/2007 - News Summer 2007
  20/4/2007 - Request script
  15/3/2007 - TCL coder needed
  26/2/2007 - Request Script Open
  15/2/2007 - Request Script
  15/1/2007 - news script online
DC++ Date: 22/10/2011

A while ago we have opened DC++ hub and if you have at least 30gb of scene released music and want to join our hub feel free to contact The_Undertaker or Trickster @ IRC.

  Posted by: undertaker
STILL ALIVE Date: 17/8/2011

YES we are still alive and is planing something new! we have existed in almost 10 years and we will continue to give people what they need! keep tuned in on our chat channel on the rizon network everybody is welcome to join and speak your mind /s irc.rizon.net -j #gabbermp3-chat enjoy!

  Posted by: Trickster
2009 Date: 9/2/2009

Happy new year to all people who like us! Especially to all who stays in #gabbermp3-chat \o/

  Posted by: undertaker
list of packs Date: 14/6/2008

Page with available packs on bots is now here http://p.gmp3.org.ru

  Posted by: undertaker
Radio Date: 21/3/2008

We have opened radio stream. Direct link to listen it - http://radio.gmp3.org:8000/listen.pls
And radio page is - http://gabbermp3.org/radio on this page you can request tracks to be played.
Currently radio working in test mode.

  Posted by: undertaker
Request fillers needed Date: 10/3/2008

We need some peoples to help in filling our request section. If you want to help talk to The_Undertaker @ IRC

  Posted by: undertaker
Happy new year Date: 31/12/2007

GabberMP3 Crew wish you happy new year! Hope you will enjoy staying in our channel in new 2008 year!

  Posted by: undertaker
Forum Operator Wanted Date: 26/7/2007

We are in need of someone to manage and control our forum, so we can get it up and running.
You will need to have experince in mods and skins, so it all can be modifyed for our needs. Contact a Operator if you think your the right one for the job. Reward is @ status on gmp3 and other benafits. gMP3

  Posted by: Trickster
News Summer 2007 Date: 26/7/2007

Here is some few summer news.
We are losing alot of bots, but the bots we have back is fast and up to date. We are still looking for ppl to help us out, so if your interested pls contact a operator. Nothing else to say that its nice to see some old Crew members joining up here in the summer holiday. So keep up the good work.. gMP3

  Posted by: Trickster
Request script Date: 20/4/2007

TCL coder dont needed anymore. Thanks to MacTans (Ballistic) for making request script for eggdrop :)
Now you can use !request trigger at chat channel for requesting.

  Posted by: undertaker
TCL coder needed Date: 15/3/2007

We are looking for TCL coder to make small script which will work with mysql database, if you would like to help then contact The_Undertaker on irc.

  Posted by: ovide
Request Script Open Date: 26/2/2007

Now is Request Script finaly done, To Request stuff go to www.gabbermp3.org/request gMP3-Crew

  Posted by: ovide
Request Script Date: 15/2/2007

Current working on a request script. So Our Users can request a Album/Vinyl/Liveset and maby something else, just remember it have to be Hardcore or Hardcore Related else it would be ignored. Updates will follow

  Posted by: ovide
news script online Date: 15/1/2007

Our news script is now online,
There are still some changes that have to be made but most of the script works.

  Posted by: ovide