The History of GabberMP3

It all started around the summer of 2001. I Was already on mIRC for a few years and always searching for new things to download, especially hardcore and newstyle.

I entered a lot of channels, but i could just find a few songs mostly of the time. At that time DALnet was one of my favorite servers, so i took a look at all the channels there.

Then i saw this channel #mp3z-techno-dance (about 100 people in the channel). I thought i could find some hardcore music overhere, but i just found a few songs. That's why i decided to share music myself.

I had a chat with a few people in that channel, the channels seemed to be very nice, and i started a server there
First with some songs i downloaded on the internet.

After a week this was not enough for me so i decided to rip all my cd's. This was a lot of work but it really satisfied me :)

After that i got some problems with the polaris script. It was not working good for long file- names. I searched for another program to share my files and i found SPR. This was really the perfect script for me. It had a getright function and it could generate a list.

Because i was joining several channels at that time (about 6) and gained my AOP in all the channels, it would be a nice try to start my own channel. #gabbermp3 was born in summer 2001.

The channel #gabbermp3 at dalnet was maybe about 10 people after 1 year, so it never had any succes. The few servers in the channel were fservers at that time, with a slow connection just like me :).

After that year i started to get jealous because i saw all those big XDCC channels with fast connection, so i searched on the internet for some tekst files how to make those channels.

So i made about 2 XDCC's and put them up at #gabbermp3 in DALnet. This was for a few months because script kiddies started to ddos attack dalnet on march 2003. Nobody liked it at #mp3z-techno-dance but we needed to move if this was going on all the time, so we were searching for an alternative. At least everybody agreed it had to be a server with a chan and nick serv on it.

At that time there were just a few mIRC servers with this option. Finally we came to AXENET and because the DDOS attacks were still going on we were moving, but really slowly. A lot of channels i was on, on DALnet moved but all to different mIRC servers. This was really a pitty, but it was a nice opportunity for me to start a renewed channel with XDCC's.

This was really a succes and #mp3z-techno-dance also decided to start a XDCC channel on criten.

Now i operated on #mp3z-techno-dance and #gabbermp3 on axenet and on #mp3z-techno-dance-xdcc critten.

The #mp3z-techno-dance-xdcc on critten had about 600+ users in really a short time.

Now i started to gain more and more bots for #gabbermp3 on axenet and the users went up quite fast.
Because this was taking a lot of my time i decided to quit #mp3z-techno-dance-xdcc on critten.

After a while we had about 150 users on #gabbermp3 on axenet (This was because our channel showed up at so we were bigger then #mp3z-techno-dance with about 150 users.
Then the IRCops told us to set the channel on secret because we were growing so fast and they had to pay a lot for the bandwidth we were consuming with the channel.

Summer 2003: Script kiddies started to ddos axenet :(
We needed to search for another server again. After checking some servers, me and trickster decided to go to rizon. It was quite stable compared to other networks. #mp3z-techno-dance changed to the unreal server and i decided to quit that channel because of that.

August 2003 we were completly moved from axenet and operating on rizon were we still are now :)

Only we now got more then 500 users all the time. Our channel peak was about 1000 users (This includes all the XDCC
catcher scripts).

 Some other info

- Mtd-techno-dance-xdcc divided into 2 channels. 1 died and 1 is still alive.

- Some people from gabbermp3 started their own channel, this channel died after 1 year.