A couple of simple rules - Obey them!
  1. Don't piss of the ops and don't be lame.

Someone from the #GabberMp3-crew is alway's nearby to make sure that these rules are obeyed.
2. Read the topic before asking stupid questions.
Type '/topic #gabbermp3-chat' to read it.
3. No spamming, flaming, swearing, or asking about releases (check botlists).
4. Only English/Dutch or Russian will be tolerated.
And ALWAYS speak english while in conversation with foreign people.
5. NO TRIGGERS in #gabbermp3-chat except for !search !timebomb !voice !chuck !rk @find <keyword>.
6. Behave and be helpfull. Remember that we were all newbies once. (Except for the webmaster, he skipped beeing a newbie and went straight to 1337)
7. Don't beg for files.
8. Put server timers on 45 min.
9. The ops are exempt from all rules and are always right.